This Saturday is Button Up Vermont Day!

Button Up VermontFrom the Vermont Natural Resources Council:

This coming Saturday, November 1st is the second annual Button Up Vermont Day of Action; a nascent annual tradition aimed at motivating more Vermonters to “Button Up” in the fall, just like we “Green Up” every spring! Many people waste heat — and a ton of money — because our buildings leak and are not properly insulated. This day of action is focused on mobilizing Vermonters to take steps – simple or significant – to make our homes and buildings more energy efficient.

Here are three things you – or anyone – can do on November 1:

•   Seal up your storm windows (or help an elderly neighbor or relative with this important step).
•   Visit your local hardware store — many of whom are participating in Button Up Day — and buy some Do-It-Yourself weatherization materials (caulking, weatherstripping, clear plastic sheets to cover leaky windows etc).
•   If you haven’t already taken this most important step, call an efficiency-certified contractor to schedule and audit and undertake a deep retrofit — which saves 25-30 percent on an average home’s fuel oil consumption.

Find information about these or other steps you can take on November 1 or beyond.

If you’d like to see what Vermonters have been doing in preparation for the Day of Action, the Button Up Video Contest got some great entries — funny, clever, artistic, and highly original interpretations of the Button Up theme. (Winners will be announced soon and those winners will be competing for the $300 People’s Choice award.) The videos are all 2 minutes or less. Watch them at and vote for your favorite!

(here’s a sample)

For more information about the day visit Button Up Vermont 2014.

We need all hands on deck in Vermont to reduce heating bills for homeowners and businesses, save money and take action on climate change. This is an easy, fun opportunity. We hope you and your community will take part!

Want more reasons to do something? Check out this message from our Governor…

Thanks in advance for any and all you can do to help build momentum for this important work.