CVU Money, Energy and Power Class Petition to Reprogram Hinesburg Traffic Light

Here’s a message from Nicole Bouffard:

CVU Road and 116

Our project, the Bright Light’s Project, for Money, Energy and Power class, is aimed at benefiting the Hinesburg community.

We have identified the traffic light at the intersection of CVU Rd/ Shelburne Falls Road and Route 116 as a system that can be improved and made more efficient. We have found that many CVU students and citizens of Hinesburg to be idling in large amounts of unnecessary traffic.

The light for Route 116 does not allow for the people turning left onto CVU Rd to safely do so. This is because drivers coming north from the town of Hinesburg create a constant flow of traffic that builds up, so when Route 116 going South light turns green, drivers turning left onto CVU Rd are blocked. This creates a large problem mainly in the morning when students of CVU are trying to get to school.

However the students are not the only ones affected. Citizens of Hinesburg who are trying to go straight through the light are blocked by the cars waiting to turn left.

Our goal is to help reduce environmental pollution from idling, maintain a steady traffic flow through CVU Rd and Hinesburg, and help the public save gas money.

To do this we will encourage the state to reprogram the light so that Route 116 going South gets a green light before Route 116 North does. This will allow for several people to get through the light, including people turning left, before the South bound traffic receives a green light.

We would like you to take ten seconds out of your day to sign our petition to change the light on Route 116. Changing the light will limit the amount of unnecessary traffic and idling.

Sign our online petition at:

Thank you for your time,
Keller Longchamp, Nicole Bouffard,
Amelia Dodds, Jack Carnahan

Attend the VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan Meeting Wed, Jan 7

From the Vermont Department of Transportation
NOTE: The date of this meeting was moved from Dec 9, when it was postponed due to weather.

bike bridge

Event: Jan 7, 2014

WHAT: VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan public meeting.
WHY: To provide an overview of the project, introduce the On-Road Bicycle Plan WikiMap and receive comments from meeting participants.
WHEN: Jan 7, 2014 from 2:00-4:00 pm
WHERE: Throughout the state using Vermont Interactive Technology (VIT) sites (excluding Rutland, White River Junction and Lyndonville) along with web streaming group events at the Regional Planning Commissions in St. Johnsbury and Rutland.

In Williston, the VIT site is at Blair Park, 451 Lawrence Place: Click here for detailed location information and directions.

Location Information:

We encourage you to attend the meeting at a VIT site so that you can provide comment and have access to technical support however, the meeting is available for viewing from anywhere at:

Weigh in about where you ride and where you want to ride using the On-Road Bicycle Plan WikiMap at:

Learn more about the project :

Public input is critical to the success of this project. We thank you for helping to make the project a success by sharing your thoughts and creating project awareness by connecting others.

If you have questions or comments related to this project, please contact VTrans Planning Coordinators:

Sommer Bucossi at (802) 828-3884 and Amy Bell at (802) 828-2678 or email us at

Photo by Len Radin