Sustainable Williston plants trees!

Sustainable Williston volunteers recently planted 20 bare root trees (sycamore, silver and sugar maple, hackberry, and elm) donated from 350VT. The Town of Williston suggested a parcel of land along the Allen Brook across from the fire station. This area has beaver activity and was in need of help. It is also private land that belongs to a condo development. Chapin first scouted the area and then received permission for the planting. All hands were needed to plant the trees in heavy clay soil.

Next steps include making a sign to place near the trees explaining the project. We will need to watch for dry spells and water trees as needed. Weeding around the trees a couple of times this season will help with crowding. In 5 years, we should remove hardware cloth. We will continue to work with the town to designate a place for more planting, form an energy committee, and hire an energy coordinator

So glad we could pull this off! Thanks everyone!

Cheers to carbon sequestration, soil erosion prevention, wildlife habitat enhancement, run-off reduction for Allen Brook protection, and climate change mitigation.