If you missed us at Town Meeting Day, check this out!

Here’s what Marcy had at the table for Town Meeting!
Sustainable Williston is an open, grassroots group of Williston residents who identify opportunities to decrease our town’s consumption of natural resources and to create resilient solutions to environmental challenges.
  In other words, Sustainable Williston is a bunch of kind and welcoming people who want to do something together about climate change on a local level, for all Williston residents.
We do hands-on things like plant trees and fight the good fight against invasives.
We worked hard to get a town energy committee and energy coordinator, and now we’ll be working with them.
We care a lot about using less plastic and conserving energy.
We meet and chat about what to do next and how to do it. Over chips and cookies. Or beer at our socials.
Join us at our meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month or our socials on the second Thursday of the month!