Shopping on Amazon? Use this link to benefit Williston schools

Williston Central School

Amazon has a program that allows people and organizations to earn money when people shop at Amazon through a link from that person or organization instead of just going straight to Nothing changes for the shopper: there are no extra fees or limitations or anything, but purchases made after getting to the site through that link will each earn the referring person or organization a small advertising fee paid by Amazon.

Williston Families as Partners, the group that oversees fundraising for school events and helps involve the community in Williston’s schools, has started a smart fundraiser by getting their own Amazon link. The next time you have online purchases to make, please consider using this link: (suggestion: save it in your favorites, or else bookmark this page).

By the way, we’re not suggesting that you shop more online for this reason: there are a lot of benefits to getting things locally (though if you have to drive around too much to get them, you can wipe a lot of the environmental benefits out!). However, if you’re already getting something online, especially a large purchase, why not help out Williston schools while you’re at it?