Task Forces

Sustainable Williston operates as a main group or steering committee coordinating nine task forces:

Light Pollution: Reducing wasted and excessive lighting around Williston
Transportation: Promoting energy-efficient and healthy transportation such as walking, biking, mass transit, ride sharing
Town Connections: Providing ideas, support, and information to the town from Sustainable Williston and to Sustainable Williston from the town
Trees: Promoting tree planting and stewardship in Williston, including the Birth Trees program
Energy and Carbon Footprint: Promoting reduced carbon footprint and climate change response for individuals, families, businesses, institutions, and the town as a whole
Waste Reduction: Making better use of resources and keeping plastic and other problematic materials out of the waste stream via reducing disposables, composting, recycling, etc.
Water Quality: Promoting the health of streams and lakes in and downstream of Williston as well as effective handling of stormwater
Local Food: Promoting gardening, local agriculture, and food independence
School Connections: Creating communication and connection with students at Williston schools, CVU (particularly through EnAct), and throughout the area

New participants are welcome in any of the task forces, the steering committee, or both! Just get in touch through our contact page and let us know where you’d like to join in. Leaders in the groups you choose will get back in touch to loop you in for meetings and current projects and to talk about your concerns.

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