SunCommon Electric Car event

This information provided by Clary Franko of SunCommon:

Have you ever thought about getting an Electric Vehicle? I am shocked by howSunCommon Volt many people are telling me they’re quite sure their next car will be electric, and they’re excited for our SUN CARnival on Sunday so they can see what the options are. This is such a cool event for family fun on a Sunday and for anyone interested in solar and/or electric vehicles – so I wanted to ask you to invite your friends and spread the word.

You can sit in the cars, look under the hoods, and even go for a ride while asking the owners questions about costs, maintenance, and driving ranges of these various EVs. Meanwhile, your family can be enjoying free pizza, ice cream, yard games, and our solar powered bouncy house. Sunday’s event is going to be awesome, and we hope you’ll come and bring your friends.

Sunday August 17th from 1 to 4 pm
St. Mike’s College (Klein Hall parking lot)

On Sunday you can park in any of the adjacent parking lots on St. Mike’s campus to attend the event. We’ll be there to help your friends understand their options for going solar too.

You can find out more or RSVP on SunCommon’s Facebook page.

SunCommon is a Vermont company that provides solar electric system design and installation. They offer a variety of approaches and financing options. Sustainable Williston member Luc Reid recommends them.