Support a Town Energy Coordinator and Committee at Upcoming Selectboard meetings

Sustainable Williston worked hard last summer asking the Selectboard to adopt the Energy Plan that they were considering, and they did! Our group is small and this effort was only successful because we were able to bring in new people and excitement through a letter of support signed by almost 100 residents.

This letter emphasized that having a plan isn’t enough — that an Energy Coordinator would need to be hired and a Committee would need to be formed in order for the plan to be put into motion.

Now that in-person Selectboard meetings are happening again, Sustainable Williston is making an effort to attend regularly and speak up about this during public comment. We’re asking supporters to join us at the Selectboard meeting on the Jul 27 or Aug 17 at 7pm and stand when our speakers ask who in attendance supports the Energy Coordinator/Committee effort.

Please join us for either of those dates! The speakers would love having your friendly face in the audience for support!